Q. How many lessons does it usually take??

A. Usually around three lessons, of course if your already a wind surfer or wakeboarder or do any of the other board sports , then you’ll take to kitesurfing even more readily – but it’s not necessary to have any previous experience.

Q. What will I learn in the first lesson?

A. The first part of the program will take you through the steps of piloting a 4 line kite and body dragging in the water. You will also learn about safety and how important it is to the sport. You will also be taken through the steps of equipment setup, launching and landing.

Q. What will I learn in the second and third lessons?

A. For the 2nd lesson you will be on the board for your first ride, you will improve kite piloting with power, one hand kite piloting, body dragging unhooked and hooked into your harness. By the third lesson you will be able ride upwind and perform your first jump. You will learn how to manage your practice area and to choose your equipment. Your kite flying skills will be improved and you will learn how to control your direction and power, and come back to your starting point. You will be able to fly more powerful kites, use a twin tip, mutant or a smaller directional board.

Q. What happens if the weather conditions are undesirable?

A. The lesson is rescheduled to a time to suit both the learner and instructor.

Q. Where is the lesson conducted?

A. Usually at the safest beach where the conditions favour the level of ability.

Q. How hard is kitesurfing?

A. Depends on you fitness level and previous experience in any board skills.

Q. What do you need bring to the lesson?

A. Wet suit, rash vest, sunglasses, hat.

Q. What will Skyhigh supply?

A. All technical kite gear, impact vests, helmets, boards and sunscreen.

Q. What size kite and board are used?

A. The size of the kite is dependant on the wind speed, usually a 4 – 6 meter kite is used for beginners and 1.4m twin tip board. With more experience larger kites are used.