Kiteboarding Lesson Equipment

All the most current gear is provided from 4 line to 5 line kites current boards and harnesses supplied by Liquid Force Kiting Equipment, there is no substitute! Ensuring the greatest in relaunch ability, they are by far the most definitive kite available with an unmatched safety system. This gives all students the best chance to maximize their learning skills. You are guaranteed to have fun with this gear!

Kiteboarding Safety

With Kite Surfing being classed as an Extreme Sport it is vital to have the correct skills and knowledge to commence. At Skyhigh you will be assured the lessons prearranged by the school cover all areas of the sport including:

· Detailed optimum weather conditions in different areas
· Safety gear & equipment
· Knowledge of rips and currents
· Self-launching and landing
· Self rescue
· Complete gear check
· Assisting other kiters
· Safe places to ride and fly
· Marine animals – stingers
· Council rules & regulations
· Maritime rules & regulations
You will be assured safety is the No.1 priority and that all the points above are covered fully so each student becomes comfortable with all safety objectives taught.